Vijay Mahar

Vijay Mahar – Snake picsart editing in 4 steps like VIJAY MAHAR in hindi

Vijay Mahar


Hey guys, what is up, welcome back again to PNG PICKS, today i will tell you how you can do Snake editing like VIJAY MAHAR in picsart application in only 4 steps , so lets get started without wasting any more time. 


Guys firstly i want to tell you some details about this Vijay Mahar snake editing, what is this actually?, firstly we will know that what is Vijay Mahar, it is clear from the name Vijay Mahar that Vijay Mahar is not a thing, Vijay Mahar is a guy who is a very brilliant graphic designer ,  we can also say Vijay Mahar a photoshopper or photo editor in simple words, Vijay Mahar manipulates the pictures with a unique concept and the output of his designing is marvelous, he is very popular on instagram which is a great platform to become an influencer for youth by using their talent and abilities, Vijay Mahar have almost 100k fams on instagram, he is also very popular in designers community, now we will know how you can edit images like Vijay Mahar in you phone using Picsart application. 

So guys, now I will tell you how you can do SNAKE concept editing like VIJAY MAHAR in picsart application with only 4 easy steps, so lets get started. 



Firstly open background image in Picsart Application, background image is given below of article, simply download it then add model’s picture by clicking on add photo, after adding model’s picture, erase or crop it’s background using free crop tool or cutout tool, use free crop for a better output, after erasing background, set the model on it’s best place by adjustment panels and click on done, let’s move on our second steps 


Now add all pngs or images according to concept, here our concept is snake editing so we will add snake image and some additional images such as light png etc. for a better result or output. So this is our second step, let’s start our third step. 


So guys, our third step is to make shadows and highlights so guys we will use draw tool to make shadows of snake and highlights of light png you have added , so go to layer panel and simply add a new empty layer and select black colour in colour panel and select a simple brush with hardness of 1% and opacity of 50%, now add shadows of snake and erase the extra shadows using eraser. 

After doing that, simply take one more empty layer and select white colour, and make highlights of light png and also erase it’s extra part and finally your 3rd step will be completed , now click on three dots and save images to gallery to doing 4th step. 



Now open image in Adobe lightroom application to add effects such as lightning adjustments, colour correction and colour grading, simlys use mix tool for colour corrections and white balance for colour grading, and finally SNAKE editing like VIJAY MAHAR will be completed, now click on three dots and click on save to device. 

Now click below to download all related stock, 



If you are getting any problem in downloading the related stock then tell us in comments  we will help youyas soon as possible, thank you.


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