As we all know that PUBG ( Player’s Unknown Battleground ) was banned in India by government due to privacy & security issues but PUBG mobile has officially announced their comeback in India; and this time they will bring a new special version called “PUBG Mobile India” for Indian gaming freaks, the same as PUBG Mobile launces the Korean, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and for other regions because of their regional law & let’s see how to Pre-register for PUBG MOBILE INDIA.


Unfortunately they haven’t disclosed any official release date of the game yet, but it is expected to launch quite soon. All the accounts will be restored as before the global version account is exported to the Indian version.

Impact of PUBG Mobile and it’s ban on India.

Pubg Mobile is undoubtedly one of most played mobile games in India, also well-known esports. It starts the gaming career and infrastructure in India. it also created opportunities for so many young gamers to participate & let them show their talent in the international battles. Many pro-Indian streamers and e-sport players likely stopped because of PUBG mobile ban .

Obviously there are a lot of alternative options in the list ,Call of duty Mobile is also one of the best digital battleground mobile game, but due to its complexity, it is not meant for Indian audiences and player’s.

So only option left is PUBG Mobile, and players are looking forward to PUBG Mobile India to be released as soon as possible.


Highlights of Pubg Mobile India Announcement

KRAFTON which is the parent company of PUBG mobile will make a huge investment of 100 Million dollars in India which is almost 700 Crore Indian rupees ,alongside 100 New employees alone for better development and business perspective in India. This investment can also bring a change in Indian gaming scenario in the field of IT, Esports, and industry.

PUBG Corporation will also boost the esports scene in India with the largest tournament with a massive Indian price pool.

A new play-time function helps the game improve the healthy environment, especially physical and mental health for teenagers. The game will also focus on better data security and privacy developed with a recently PUBG Corporation partnership with KRAFTON-Microsoft Azure, and stakeholders include Reliance Jio, Airtel, and PayTM.

How to pre-register Pubg Mobile India Step by Step?

  • Start by clicking on the Download button below ,you will be headed to the “PUBG Mobile India” application page on “TapTap” .
  • Now click on the pre-registration button, and after that, register with your Email or Mobile number to get notifications on official release of game.
  • After the official release ,enter the code to get register Pubg Mobile India.

The game already have received more than 11 thousand Pre-registration on Tap Tap. Additionally, Pubg Mobile India has been live.

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