Koloro Full unlocked Premium Version Download in 1 click for free

Hello friends, wassup, Welcome back again to PNG PICK, Today i will give you Koloro Full Unlocked Premium Version Free Download Link which is a very high end and professional video and photo editing application for Android, So let’s get started without wasting anymore time.

Firstly we will check some brilliant features of Koloro Full unlocked Premium Version, here are some features of application.

Consist Ultimate list of presets for your different mood and choice, which helps you to edit your pictures and videos instantly in 1 click, you can also manage the intensity of preset on your picture or video as per your requirement or mood.

You can compare the edited stuff even it may be photo or video with original one by pressing on screen for a while, this feature can be very helpful for professional editors.

Shows image and video’s details such as size, resolution, date and location etc.

Lots of professional editing features for both type of visualstuff, image and videos,such as Curve, Split Tone, Fade and HSL etc.

Now i will tell you some important things before Downloading Koloro FULL UNLOCKED PREMIUM VERSION about Koloro free application which may help you to use Koloro free application, here are some important points to be remembered about Koloro latest application .

You must turn off data connection before using Koloro latest application.

You must uninstall the older or any version of Koloro before installing this Koloro latest application if you have installed it on your device.

Now i will tell you how you can download Koloro FULL UNLOCKED PREMIUM VERSION in 1 click and use it for your editing .

Now you will be redirected to Google Drive of your Device, now click on three dots at right top corner, then click on Download button in the list given below to Download Koloro free application.

Then Install Koloro free application APK file or Application in your device.

Now launch the Koloro free application

Now edit your images and videos in Koloro free application and click on save button at right top corner to save your stuff.

Click on Download button below to Download Koloro FULL UNLOCKED PREMIUM VERSION.


Hope this article will help you, if you are getting any problems in downloading application, then tell us in comments, we will help you as soon as possible.

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