What’s new in Adobe Lightroom Mobile 7.4.1 Update

Hello friends and my GURJOT CREATIONS family, Welcome again to PngPick, Today i will provide you all the information about Adobe Lightroom Mobile 7.4.1 Update, So lets gets started without wasting anymore time, and let’s see what’s new in Adobe Lightroom Mobile 7.4.1 Update.

Before downloading the Adobe Lightroom 7.4.1 Full unlocked version ,

let’s see what’s new in this updated version of Lightroom Mobile 6.0 Download.

What’s new in the Adobe Light room 7.4.1 update?

  • Color Grading tool is introduced and is substituted with Split Tone tool ,now you can control midtones, highlights, and shadows in more creative way.
  • Graphical Watermarks feature is introduced by which you can apply your own graphical watermark/elements to your photos , branding in photography will be way more easier than ever with the help of this feature.

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Now i will tell you some important features of Adobe Light room 7.4.1 full unlocked version.

  • New Versions of your edit will be created automatically as you edit.
  • Now you can Follow your favorite photographers on creative cloud platform to get quick access to their content.
  • VIDEO EDITING, now you can edit Videos in Lightroom Mobile Application just like any picture
  • Preset intensity , now you can adjust the intensity of the preset
  • Selective adjustment tool which helps you to Precisely edit any part of a picture with your finger or stylus to apply enhancements with exact detail in selective region of a picture in Adobe Light room 6.0 full unlocked version.

How to download Adobe Lightroom Mobile 7.4.1 update full version for free

Click below on Red Download button to get Lightroom Mobile 7.4.1 update full version.


Hope this article will help you to download Adobe Light room latest full unlocked version,

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