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Moody Sunrise Lightroom Preset

Moody Sunrise Lightroom Preset Download in 1 click

Hello, this is Gurjot and today I’m here to share you some of my personal professional Lightroom Preset to help you with immersive editing. Even, I will guide you through my article and video to apply the preset and use my Lightroom preset. Therefore, today we have Moody Sunrise Lightroom preset. It seems to be…

Faded Aqua Lightroom Preset

Faded Aqua Lightroom Preset Download in 1 click

Hello friends and my GURJOT CREATIONS family, welcome again to GURJOT CREATIONS (PNGPICKS), today I will give you Faded Aqua lightroom preset, so let’s get started without wasting any more time.   Guys, before downloading this Faded Aqua Lightroom Mobile Preset you should know how to download these Faded Aqua Lightroom Presetting, how to import…

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