Picsart Song Poster editing step by step in Hindi tutorial

Hello creative peoples , welcome back again to PngPick ,hope you all are doing very well ,so today we came back with a fresh & creative picsart tutorial which is based on a song artwork or song poster , so lets begin our Picsart song poster editing.

Picsart Song Poster editing

So guys ,as you can see now that how the music industry is enlarging itself day by day , many artist are coming with their stuff with different vibe , different taste ,but that isn’t enough to get a great audience these days , marketing of your art is also indeed you want to spread your vibe , and basically the marketing of a music record is done by promotional banners , posters and artworks etc., so ,it can create a great oppurtunity for agraphic designer or basically a photo editor,who can create song poster and be a part of that music record and get involved in the music industry ,or just he can get some paid works and be a freelancer , hope you guys are getting my perspective that what benefits you can get by creating song posters etc.,so lets start our Picsart Song Poster editing.

Guys now I will tell you how to edit your pictures verbly ,follow the instruction given below to do Picsart Song Poster editing .

  • Firstly you have cut the subject or foreground of your image in which you want to edit using PICSART OR BACKGROUND ERASER APPLICATION.
  • Select a suitable Background image according to your foreground image ,you can simply DOWNLOAD background image that is given below in the article ,or simply visit our BACKGROUND section to Explore or Download a huge stacks of a high qualities Background images.
  • Just Add some png ,elements or particles etc. according to your concept of Picsart Song Poster editing ,like PUBG png and some Parachute png according to need of your image.
  • Now export your image from Picsart to ADOBE LIGHTROOM CC application or Snapseed application to do some final lightning adjustment , colour correction , clearising , detailing and giving a final touch to your image.
  • Now export the final image to your device in compaitable quality. and your image is ready to share on your social accounts.

Click below to DOWNLOAD all the related stock.


Guys, if you are getting any problems in downloading images then tell us in comments, we will help you as soon as possible, thank you.

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