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Hello friends, welcome again to pngpicks, today I will give you 50 Futuristic png which can be download only in 1 click, it will also help you edit your instagram pictures.

Futuristic png


Friends as you know that now social media is a very important part of our life, and INSTAGRAM is a very large and popular social media platform , which gives exposure and a platform to a user to be an influencer or a profession through his/her work, and we all know that pictures are very big source to show something such as talent etc. So now ever , many fashion blogger and models are uploading pictures in a Futuristic format or with Futuristic concept which seems to look next level , and i think many of you guys also want to make pictures like that, so i am providing you best 50 futuristic png for Futuristic editing which is trending nowdays on instagram and many other social media platforms, and i hope that all Futuristic png will help you .

Friends before providing you FUTURISTIC png, I will tell you some important things about it means what is actually Futuristic png, how to use Futuristic png in your editing step by step in mobile phone and computer and how to download Futuristic png step by step, so let’s get started without wasting anymore time.


Firstly I will tell you what is Futuristic png actually? 

We all know that literally Futuristic means related to future or upcoming events and here Futuristic means related to future technology or upcoming technology , and PNG means PORTABLE GRAPHICS NETWORK , which is a format of digital image, 


So the final conclusion is that Futuristic png means an image that shows or contains the content related to the Futuristic technology or about upcoming technology. Literally it contains the vectors of dials, keyboard, time machine and many things in glowing colours like orange, aqua, blue, white and green on a black background for a blending manipulation. 

Now i will tell you, how you can use given 50 Futuristic png using devices like mobile phone and computer, firstly I will tell you how you can these given 50 Futuristic png in mobile phone step by step using Picsart application. 


Firstly select your image which you want to edit with Futuristic png in mobile gallery and share it to picsart application to open it in picsart application as shown in image below. 


Futuristic png



Now when image is opened in picsart application, firstly edit image with some effects or do some colour grading and colour correction before adding Futuristic png as shown in image below, it is meant to say that firstly make your image a perfect image to add Futuristic png or Futuristic effect to it  you can see image below which indicates you to add effects to your pictures before addingaFuturisticad png. 




After editing or colour grading you have to go to ADD Photo option by scrolling down in tool bars, to add Futuristic png in the image and select a suitable Futuristic png from gallery according to your edited image as shown in image below. 

Futuristic png



Now scroll down to side tool bar and go to blending mode or blending of Futuristic png image to change its blending and transparency as shown in image below. 

Futuristic png



Now check the blending mode options of Futuristic png and change it to screen or lighten, or anyone which extracts the dark or black part of image, here I am selecting SCREEN blending mode for a better result, you can the image below and a its instruction

Futuristic png



Now adjust the Futuristic png with adjustment panels to your image to give it a final look and done it as shown in the image below, then your editing process will be completed and only saving process will be remained.

Futuristic png



Now scroll down in tool sections and go to draw tool to save the futuristic effected image to your mobile gallery as shown in image below. 


Futuristic png



Now click on the three dots at left panel of the draw tool to save the image to the phone gallery as shown in the image below. 

Futuristic png



Now click on save image option after clicking on three dots at left panel and finally the image will be saved into your mobile phone gallery and your Futuristic editing will be done with Futuristic png, you can watch the save image option in the image shown below. 

Futuristic png


Guys now i will tell you how can do Futuristic effect editing in computer using Futuristic png. 

As you saw the procedure of adding Futuristic png in mobile phone using picsart application, you have to do same thingtin computer causing Adobe Photoshop or any other image editing software, firstly add your image and edit it with some effects or colour grade it and then add a layer of any suitable Futuristic png to it and change its blending mode to screen and saves the image and your final Futuristic editing will be ready in couple of steps, I cannot show you all the steps to do Futuristic editing in computer because I have not computer now, but hope I am able to make you understand how to do futuristic editing in mobile and computer using Futuristic png.


I know that now your question will be that how to Download these given 50 Futuristic png step by step in 1 click, so here is your answer that how you can download these 50 Futuristic png in 1 click with some easy steps. 


Firstly click on the download button given below of article and you will and be redirected to your Google Drive, you have to select an account if you have multiple Google accounts or if you logged in with multiple accounts in a single device so select it. 


Now click on 3 dots on right handhtop side and click on select all and click on download button and sinply all of Futuristic png will be downloaded into your device. 



So this is how you can download all Futuristic png to your device. 

Guys, I hope that this article will be helpful for you, if you are getting any problem in downloading Futuristic png  then tell us in comments, we will help you as soon as possible, Thank you.

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