Matte Brown Lightroom Preset Download in 1 click


Hello, this is Gurjot and today I’m here to share you some of my personal professional Lightroom Preset to help you with immersive editing. Even, I will guide you through my article and video to apply the preset and use my Lightroom preset. Therefore, today we have Matte Brown Lightroom preset. It seems to be quite promising so let’s take a closer look toward it and know more about it.

First thing first the Matte Brown preset actually work with Lightroom, Lightroom is one of the most popular image manipulation application available on both Mobile and Computer platform. Which available on both Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and tvOS. Not to mention, it also includes some editing features such as Saving, Viewing, Import, sharing, Organizing, tagging and more features.


How to Download Matte Brown Lightroom Preset on your device

It is quite easy to download, follow the following simple steps given down below.

  • Starting with Head over to the download button
  • Click over the download menu.
  • Then, It will start downloading automatically. Check your notification or Download panel to know the progress.
  • That’s it, your preset download check the download material on your preference folder.

How to use Lightroom preset on your device.

As we have mentioned, the lightroom preset available on all basic platform. Here we will teach you both Android/ iOS Lightroom application and on macOS/ Windows software.

  1. Starting with open the Lightroom App or Software on your device.
  2. Now, Add the image that you want to edit with the help of  Lightroom.
  3. Then import the .dng file on your lightroom that you want to apply.
  4. After that, copy the setting of Urban Street preset setting and then just apply the preset setting.
  5. Once it applies, Just tweak a bit so it doesn’t look weird accordingly.


Download matte Brown preset for Lightroom


  • The output image will be in the Hi-Resolutation quality, No lousy image.
  • You require stable internal storage to download preset which is almost 3 MB in Size.
  • Ensure that you have the latest Lightroom Application or software, so you wouldn’t compromise any functionality.

Compare the Original image with Matte Brown image

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