Moody BLUE Preset download in one click for free

Hello friends and my GURJOT CREATIONS family, welcome again to GURJOT CREATIONS (PNGPICKS), today I will give you Moody Blue lightroom preset, so lets get started without wasting anymore time. 

Moody bLUE tone Preset
Moody bLUE tone Preset

Guys, before downloading this Moody blue lightroom preset  you should know how to download these Moody Vibe light room preset, how to import this light room preset to ADOBE LIGHTROOM and how to use these lightroom preset.

So firstly we will know that how to download these Summer Vibe lightroom preset,

You will be REDIRECTED to GOOGLE DRIVE , now you can see a file on your screen, click on three dots and click on DOWNLOAD button below of the file.

Your Summer Vibes lightroom preset WILL BE DOWNLOADED.

Now i will tell you some very easy steps to add or import or install  Summer Vibe lightroom preset in LIGHTROOM MOBILE /PC step by step.


Firstly open your ADOBE LIGHTROOM in PC (Personal computer)  or MOBILE.


Now go to add images or import images option and browse that preset or .dng file in your PC (Personal computer) or MOBILE and add it to LIGHTROOM.

Your preset will be imported or added to ADOBE LIGHTROOM PC or ADOBE LIGHTROOM Mobile.

Now i will tell you how you can use Summer Vibe lightroom preset in you PC (PERSONAL COMPUTER) or Mobile LIGHTROOM step by step.


Firstly open that preset in LIGHTROOM and click on three dots and click on COPY SETTINGS .


Now open that image which you want to edit in LIGHTROOM with Moody blue lightroom preset and click on three dots and click on PASTE SETTINGS. 

Your image will be edited by preset.

Click on Download button to Download all of Moody blue lightroom preset in 1 click through Google drive folder,


Hope this article will be helpful for you and if you are getting any type of problem in downloading Moody blue lightroom preset then tell us in comments  we will help you as soon as possible,  thank you

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