How to retouch image in SNAPSEED application step by step.

Hello friends, welcome again to GURJOT CREATIONS (PNGPICKS) , today I will tell you how to retouch image in Snapseed application step by step  so lets get started without wasting anymore time. 


How to retouch image in snapseed

Friends before  starting our topic how to retouch image in Snapseed , I will tell you what is SNAPSEED and what is retouching actually, and I will also show samples of image retouching. 

So guys firstly I will tell you what is SNAPSEED actually ,  SNAPSEED is an image editing Mobile application , SNAPSEED is a production of GOOGLE, it has some features like tune image , HDR SCAPE etc. 

NOW I will tell you what is RETOUCHING, according totme  the beginers photographers have not so much skills to click professionals shots with perfect light (exposure, white balance etc.), So they can use  retouching pictures or images to make them perfect and professional , retouching can also be used to edit outdoor portraits etc. 


Now I will show you some samples of my image retouching in Snapseed apllication. You can see them below. 

How to retouch image in snapseed


Now I will tell you some easy steps of How to retouch image in Snapseed. 


  Firstly open your image in SNAPSEED and do light adjustment using TUNE IMAGE tool of SNAPSEED , you have to adjust exposure, saturation and white balance or temperature (warmth)  make sure to erase tuning effect from skin of model otherwise it will seems like redish colour on face, which is not a good impact on image. 



Now make face glow using brush tool or selective tool, you have to select area manually in brush tool to apply the effect whereas selective tool covers the thresholded area without applying a huge effect to apply effects, you can apply multiple effects using selective tool such as change in exposure, contrast, saturation etc. 


Now clear models face using healing tool andaportrait tool  use healing tooltto heal cuts and spots on models face, then use PORTRAIT tool to smooth face and adjust eye clarity and face spotlight. 

You can also do somes additional things in this retouching process. 

Download blur grass png below


How to retouch image in snapseed


Hope this article will helpful for you, if you are getting any problem related this content then tell us in comments, then tell us in comments, we will help you as soon as possible, thank you. 

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